Dental implant surface treatment

The surface of the Osseo Connect® Bredent implants (manufactured in Germany) is prepared by sand blasting and high-temperature acid etching.

Prosthetic abutment connection type

The tube-in-tube Torx® connection allows for a perfect connection of the Bredent implant with the abutment, avoiding screw loosening or breaking and ensuring a perfect and uniform distribution of the chewing forces between the screw and the abutment.

Specific features:

  • Final position of the implant platform, which is easily cast vertically, even for large restorations.
  • Perfect aesthetic outcome.
  • Wide range of works by lateral and vertical (occlusal) screwing as well as cemented prosthetic restorations with the possibility of platform-shift.
  • The possibility of immediate restorations with SKY fast & fixed – extraction – dental implant placement – transitional restoration – in a single day.

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See here the Bredent SKY fast & fixed dental implant system