BIOTEC Implant

The Biotec SPR implant, produced in the Germany ever since 2005, has exceptional self tapping properties. Its unique thread design allows for a change of position during placement, thus the outcome is an enhanced primary stability even in complicated clinical cases.

The SPR implant design allows for its placement in only 2 mm of bone, so being recommended for the mandible.

The SPTT implant is the ideal spiral implant for soft bone. Owing to its new sizes, i.e., 8 mm-long and 3.3 mm in diameter, it ensures clinical advantages in all surgical procedures. This implant has excellent properties in terms of primary stability and condensation.

Specific features:

  • High bone condensation and  primary stability properties
  • Self tapping during placement
  • Allows switching the axis to ensure an optimal prosthetic position
  • Minimal bone loss
  • Allows the expansion of a narrow crest
  • Reduces the risk of adjacent teeth destruction
  • Reduces the risk of oral or vestibular cortical perforations

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