ARDS Implant


Implant surface treatment

The surface of ARDS implant is prepared by sand blasting and acid etching. The roughened implant surface has a higher resistance to friction, in case of mobilisations at the level of contact surfaces, than a smooth surface.

Prosthetic abutment connection type

The ARDS implants are manufactured in Israel and are self-drilling tapered threads, with an internal hexagon, and have a fine double thread (at the implant/cortical bone interface) and a coarse thread at the implant/trabecular bone interface) which provides high primary stability even in low-density bone.

Specific features:

  • Double threaded implant giving high primary stability in low-density bones.
  • Bone preservation: the implant reduces its volume by 40%, and the volume of the drilled bone will be reduced by 40%.
  • The osseointegration time is shortened: bone-implant contact surface increases by 15% owing to the unique design of the implant.
  • The machine cutting technique combined with the shape of the ARDS implant allows for the compression of the trabecular bone during placement.

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