The SPI implant – the first spiral implant

Prosthetic abutment connection type

The SPI implants, manufactured in Israel since 1990, have exceptional self tapping properties. Its unique threaded design enables the change of position during placement, thus the outcome is an enhanced primary stability even in complicated clinical cases.

Specific features

  • Bone condensing properties and high primary stability;
  • Self-directing during insertion;
  • Enables the changing of direction for optimal restorative position;
  • Enables minimised bone loss;
  • Enables narrow ridge expansion;
  • Reduces the risk of damaging adjacent teeth;
  • Reduces the risk of perforating the lingual or buccal cortex.


The ICE implant – precision, safety

Developed in 1990

Prosthetic abutment connection type

The ICE implant (Implant Classical Esthetic), the most innovative of the dental implants developed by Alpha-Bio, is designed to be used with most of the internal-hexagon prosthetic abutments.

Considering the availability of this unique thread design positioned on the entire length of the implant, ICE has a corps that that determines a maximal condensation at the time the implant is positioned into the socket so as to be able to reach the primary stability in all clinical cases.

Specific features:

  • It is recommended in a wide range of clinical cases and types of bone hardness. It can be successfully used in cases such as standard placement, immediate implants immediate attempts or placement in augmented sinuses.
  • By means of the 6 mm-long variant (available for diameters of 4.2 mm, 4.65 mm or 5.3 mm), the ICE implant is also the optimal solution in placement in the posterior mandible region, in case of vertically limited crest – sinus lifting or vertical augmentation procedures being no longer required – or in the cases where clinical procedures are conducted in the proximity of the mandible nerve.

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