Easier post-surgery recovery owing to piezosurgery

Piezosurgery in the bone area represents a new technique especially created to overcome the limitations related to the precision and safety of classical tools. Piezosurgical devices allow for selective incisions of the bone tissue.

PIEZOTOME SATELEC cuts into the bone by means of ultrasonic micro vibrations. The precision of this equipment allows for a full and perfect control over the surgery even when the intervention is in the proximity of very delicate anatomical formations.

Piezosurgery consists of the fact the bone can be cut without affecting the soft tissue. This characteristic is very important especially when the procedure involves sinus membrane lifting from the sinus floor during the sinus lifting procedure. During the intervention assisted by the piezosurgical equipment PIEZOTOME SATELEC, the sterile physiological serum is continuously eliminated into the wound. It cools and rinses thus enhancing visibility and activating clotting.

Tests have demonstrated that both bone healing is faster and bone and gum regeneration in the ultrasound incised region are faster, too; they have normal uniform coloration with reduced or even missing oedema. These characteristics recommend ultrasounds for the patient’s increased comfort and mainly for an easier postoperative recovery.
The handpiece holders of this equipment can be sharp, with a diamond head or with a smooth surface for the incision to be safe and to be performed in the proximity of all delicate anatomical structures.

With the help of piezosurgery, we can collect bone grafts necessary to the same patient’s bone augmentation procedures, as this bone type benefits from the highest compatibility with the organism.