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Dental implant or prosthetic device?

By: | Tags: , , | Comments: 4 | July 22nd, 2016

In my case practice as a general dentist, day-in day-out, I can hear this question and I would like to take the opportunity provided by this article and offer an answer.

Nowadays, owing to the huge volume of information we can access via the Internet, we tend to think that we no longer need medical doctors, lawyers, or computer experts. Unfortunately, this is merely an impression, as one cannot have the broader image of the problem and one cannot find the optimal variant without being trained in the field. The answer to this question needs to take into account two perspectives. The former is the one related to the financial constraints whereas the latter to the “biological” ones.

Most of us start by looking for an answer on the Internet mainly with respect to costs, which is understandable. In theory, it seems easy and we think that, doing the maths, we find out the amount we need to have the perfect teeth. Completely wrong. No one mentions the biological aspect and the fact that any treatment or intervention on a tooth is an irreversible destructive process. In my practical experience, I have reached the conclusion that nothing will ever replace 100% the natural, the biological. What we do in all specific medical areas is mere more or less successful an attempt to replace the natural, which is impossible despite all the latest discoveries.

To this purpose, we should think the matter over before making a decision; in my opinion, we should place the “biological” aspect on top of the list and preserve the integrity of healthy teeth, which becomes impossible in case we opt out for for a prosthetic device.

To conclude, medicine is not performed in a mathematical manner and the biological aspect does prevail!

Dr. Marius Văcaru



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