Stages of performing dental implant

The pre-implant stage

  • an examination conducted by the clinician
  • clinician’s prescription of investigations and performance of such tests on the general and local health condition
  • clinician’s presentation of patient’s optimal plan with appraisal of all risk factors and the attempt to minimise or remove such factors


The implant stage

  • creation of a friendly and comfortable environment for the patient
  • performance of anaesthesia according to the degree of the intervention
  • when the anaesthetic has produce effect, a small incision in the gum is performed to reveal the bone
  • if there is sufficient bone mass, a bone graft is performed
  • after revealing the bone, a socket is performed where the implant will be placed
  • after implant placement, the gum is sutured
  • when the surgery is successfully completed, the clinician prescribes various medication and will be informed as to the fact that the inflammatory reaction absolutely normal and is part of the healing process
  • the patient is advised not to chew in the region of intervention
  • after some seven day, the patient is called to the practice for the suture threads to be removed
  • the osseointegration period lasts between 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual. During this time, periodical recall to check the evolution of the osseointegration.
  • when osseointegration is completed, a small incision is performed, under anaesthesia, above the implant and the abutment for gum healing is inserted. Then, the patient waits for about three weeks for the gum to adjust around the abutment as it does around a natural tooth and healing is achieved.


The post-implant stage

  • the prosthetics and the dental technician will collaborate with a view to developing a dental crown, bridges or a removable dental prostheses
  • the dental crown replaces one single missing tooth and can be placed in approximately one week after the implant placement
  • the dental bridge replaces several missing teeth in the same region and can be placed after one or two months after the implant placement
  • removable dental prostheses can be removed by the patient on a daily basis, for hygiene, and can be placed after one or two months after the implant placement
  • professional cleaning and plaque removal are recommended at least twice a year
  • to ensure a longer survival of the implant, it is recommended to apply appropriate oral hygiene and to  avoid various infections that may occur in time.