TBR Implant



Dental implant surface treatment

Manufactured in France, the TBR implants are made of pure commercial titanium (T60) degree 4. In order to enhance the bone-implant interface and, consequently, the implant osseointegration, TBR implants undergo hydrofluoric acid etching and corindon sand blasting surface treatments.

Osseointegration is improved owing to this surface treatment which enhances the implant surface roughness.

Prosthetic abutment connection type

The abutments for zirconium-neck implants are shoulderless as the zirconium neck is juxta-gingival and they are identical for all implant diameters.

Specific features:

The Z1-CONNECT implant (zirconium neck) is the only implant that meets the ideal combination of materials necessary to periodontal integration:

  • bone integration owing to the titanium hydrofluoric acid etched and corindon sand-blasted surface;
  • gum integration owing to its zirconium neck.

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